Make Your Own Sunshine

by Brigette

January has officially settled in. Today we had the first measurable snow of the year in our part of Ohio, if you can believe that. And they’re predicting below-freezing temperatures for the next two weeks. The mild weather was sure nice while it lasted, which of course, we knew in our hearts it couldn’t. It was getting to be that “too good to be true” stage.

So, what better way to spend this lazy snowy afternoon than to curl up with my well-worn copy of Sunny Side Up and relive the summertime adventures of Francie and June at Kelleys Island. I also took a trip down memory lane to our first book signing outside of Vi’s (Ruby’s Treasure Chest). This was such a fun day spent on the island meeting new people and talking about our book. We even had our husbands down at the local bar talking us up and sending people roaring into the parking lot in their golf carts in search of us.


Author: Maureen K. Howard

We are a mother/daughter team, Maureen Kovach and Brigette Howard, with a shared passion. Make that a plethora of shared passions. As long as we have known one another (and in Brigette's case her entire life), we have been connected in ways that might surprise an average citizen. Our loves include Lake Erie, boating, shopping, drinking good wine, and eating cheese in all its wonderful varieties. SUNNY SIDE UP is our first collaborative project. DEVILED, Book two in the Lake Erie Mysteries Series continues the adventures of Francie and June. Both books are available at

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