Spring Forward!

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It’s time to set your clocks ahead one hour. That means an extra hour of daylight for all of us. Do you get more productive in the Spring? I know I welcome it, and so does my dog, Joe. He gets longer walks and more time to play outside.

As a special gift to our friends, here is an opportunity to download Deviled! for free. It’s one day only–Sunday, March 13, so don’t procrastinate. After all, you have an extra hour of daylight to read by.



PS. Stay tuned for another free offer for our subscribers!

Day Trips Cover 2


Author: Maureen K. Howard

We are a mother/daughter team, Maureen Kovach and Brigette Howard, with a shared passion. Make that a plethora of shared passions. As long as we have known one another (and in Brigette's case her entire life), we have been connected in ways that might surprise an average citizen. Our loves include Lake Erie, boating, shopping, drinking good wine, and eating cheese in all its wonderful varieties. SUNNY SIDE UP is our first collaborative project. DEVILED, Book two in the Lake Erie Mysteries Series continues the adventures of Francie and June. Both books are available at Amazon.com

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